Icing Smiles Galore!

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Judith Dadtka | 0 comments

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of creating some major smiles!  We were summoned by the Icing Smiles Organization to make not just one,  but TWO donation dream cakes!
Our first request was for Antonio.  He is celebrating his 8th birthday, and like any rambunctious boy, loves to play Minecraft!  I have to confess, even though I haven't played the game, I had to figure out what kind of dream cake I was going to create!  Based on the information that I was given about Antonio, he in now in cancer remission! His parents asked for his cake inscription to say, "Antonio Plays To Win!"  Well, that is really all I needed to decide on the cake design!  
So, off I went into my kitchen to start the construction.  What would be more appropriate than, yes, you guess it, a big block of TNT!  Antonio has won the game by blowing the cancer sky high!  
 Of course, being a cake artist, and not knowing how someone will react to their cake, I was a little bit nervous!  I had the cake in the back when they came in.  It was Antonio, his mom and dad.  
 After a little small talk, and seeing that they were more nervous than me, I asked them if they were ready to see their cake!  
They all said YES, unanimously! Drum roll.  TaDa!  Their eyes lit up!  They LOVED IT!  Whew!  I sure love that feeling!  
Antonio is soon on his way to, yes, you guessed it...DISNEY WORLD!  Antonio, we hope that all of your dreams come true, and THANK YOU for your  Icing Smile!
Our second cake was for a young man named Zach.  His family also requested a dream cake with a Jurassic theme for his 18th birthday.  
We wanted to create something that we thought would be cool, so what better than a dinosaur hatching out of it's egg!  
We started by creating the dinosaur head completely out of chocolate.  
Not just any dinosaur, but a T-REX!  We had to try to make it as realistic as possible, so we airbrushed and hand painted all of the details.
 Next was the egg.  Several layers of cake stacked together, and then careful carving to create the shape of an egg.  Icing was next, and off to the refrigerator to chill.  
Now comes the fun part. We draped fondant over the cake, and airbrushed to give it an aged look.  We then covered the display board with more cake and icing around the egg to make it look like it was sitting in grass.  In goes the dinosaur head and how cool is that!?!  
A Picture says a thousand words!  We think he like it alot!  Look at HIS claws!  Happy Birthday Zach!

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