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About our Cupcakes

  • We bake & decorate every cupcake fresh to order.  We never freeze our products.
  • Our cupcakes come in either standard or jumbo sizes. We do not make mini cupcakes.
  • We have two types of cupcakes.  CLASSIC  or  CUSTOM  
  • Classic cupcakes start at $18.00 per 1/2 dozen or $36.00 per dozen ($3.00 each) for standard size.  (Minimum is 1/2 dozen  (6 cupcakes) per flavor).  
  • Custom cupcakes start at $44.00 per dozen (minimum 1 Dozen)
  • Jumbo cupcakes start at $8.00 each.  (minimum is 4).  We only fill our jumbo cupcakes.  Jumbo cupcakes are equivalent to 3 standard cupcakes.
  • Spirit infused cupcakes are $42 per dozen
  • Any of our cupcake flavors can be kept classic or can be customized.
  •  Spirit infused cupcakes are completely safe for children, pregnant or nursing mothers, or for those who do not consume alcohol.  The alcohol bakes out, but the spirit flavor stays. 
  • We require a minimum of 50% down or payment in full at the time of order.