About Us

Once upon a time....um, no.... Long long ago....

It all started when I was 13 years old.  Although I loved to craft all sorts of things, I really enjoyed baking and especially decorating cakes.  On and off throughout my life, I created cake masterpieces for every celebration there was. 

My husband and our four kids were not only my guinea pigs, but, so were all of their friends!  Anything they dreamed of, I attempted to bake and decorate.  This went on for many years.  Soon they all went off to school full time, and I was finally able to explore vast employment opportunities.  Once that happened, for what ever reason, I was no longer baking and decorating cakes.  I never lost my passion for cake, but found myself immersed in other craft adventures.  I often found myself stuck on the DIY channels, watching others create cool stuff for their homes and wanting to make everything I saw.

One day, I stumbled upon a show called Ace Of Cakes, and was completely mesmerized.  I couldn't stop watching it.  I was obsessed with having to watch every episode, which soon turned into watching anything else cake related.  I had to start doing cakes again!

Fast forward to 2007.  With all of the coolest new cake related mediums, one by one, I taught myself everything there was to know about them.  I worked with each medium as much as I could, to understand how they worked and when to apply them to my baked masterpieces. 

I was the first to offer bringing the dessert to every family gathering, party, picnic, etc.  Over time, I built up my client base doing cakes and goodies on the weeknights and weekends, while continuing to work full time during the week.  It was good while it lasted, but with all of the baking equipment and tools I started hording over a course of about 5 years, I was growing out of my space and needed to either finally take the store-front plunge or I risked being divorced from my family, because I was literally taking over the entire house!

With my entire family by my side, we took a leap of faith.  I quit my full time job, got my business plan together, got everything ready to go and signed on to lease a retail space.

We have been open for business for over 4 years now.  My daughter Savanna works with me full time every day.  While my other family members have other job interests, they still help us when needed.

Owning and operating a custom cake shop is such hard work, but we are loving the fact that we play such an important role in everyone's life by providing sweet memories for all.