Custom Cookies

We make and bake all of our custom cookies and RKTreats to order.  The cookies and RKTreat designs, shapes and sizes are unlimited.   Just because you don't see a specific theme or design, doesn't mean we haven't made them or aren't willing to make a specific design.   We do offer GLUTEN FREE cookies upon request.  Please note:  For Gluten Free cookies, there is a price increase. 
Pricing:  All pricing is based on size and then the amount of detail that goes into a design.  We will allow up to 3 colors per design.  If your design requires more than 3 colors, or has an intricate design, there will be a price increase.  In addition, we also offer individual wrapping of items at a minimal charge.  Sizes options are approximately 2" and up.  We will allow up to 3 different shapes per dozen.  If you request additional shapes, there will be an up-charge per additional shapes per dozen.
Any of these items can be ordered and picked up at our store, or they can be shipped. 
Ordering and Shipping
Your cookies and RKTreats are baked and made fresh to order and are shipped so you receive them the week you need them.  Typical shipping times vary, but most often orders are received within 2-4 days depending on the ship to location.  We have shipped both in and out of the US.
Please include your event date when ordering so we can time your order to arrive fresh.  This is normally 1-2 days before your event.  For specific amount cookie or RKTreat quotes & delivery times, please include the ZIP CODE, DATE & QUANTITY.
You are welcome to place your order weeks in advance—however, your order will then be made & and ready in store for scheduled pickup or shipped to arrive fresh the week of your event.
Our minimums are One (1) Dozen.  If you need an in between quantity, you can call for pricing.
Cookies and RKTreats are good for approx. 7-21 days after arrival (Longer if you freeze) Do not refrigerate the cookies or RKTreats (this dries them out or if to much moisture is present, may make them wet and soggy)  To Thaw, leave out on counter top for several hours.
Cookies may be frozen as packaged for 3-6 months To prevent the colors from fading, we recommend storing the cookies away from direct light. Store cookies at room temperature. If you choose to store your cookies in the refrigerator or freezer, color bleeding may occur.
Cookies DO NOT melt in high heat (I ship to the hottest states all summer)
Cookies are made in a commercially licensed, inspected & insured kitchen.
Please note: Every cookie/cupcake topper/cake topper/Cake Pop is unique and may vary slightly from the photo and from each other. In addition, the specific colors displayed on your viewing device may vary from the actual color.

ALLERGY INFO: our kitchen is NOT a nut-free facility. We do take great care in NOT cross contaminating while baking.
DISCLAIMER: If you have ANY severe food allergy, PLEASE be aware that our products are made on equipment shared with products made with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, & eggs or other allergens not described.
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