Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance should I order? 
It is best to give us at least 1- 2 week's advance notice when placing your order.  We can sometimes fill orders with less time, however, we complete all orders on a first come first serve basis. 

What are my payment options?
We accept MC, Visa, Discover Amex and cash.  We do not accept money orders or personal checks.  We process credit and debit cards over the phone or in person.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your order.  This payment is due at the time you place your order.  All deposits are non refundable.   All sales are final.
Are you sure that will feed all of my guests? 
Yes!  We use the Wilton Party Servings chart when planning your cake size.  In addition, our tiers are approximately 5" high, because we add an additional layer of cake and filling, which adds extra cake to your order, at no additional charge to you. 
What if I don't see a design or themed on your site that I would like to order? 
Even if you don't see a design or themed cake on our site, we are a very talented team of artists, and can do most designs that you are interested in.  We love challenges and assure you that your design will be better than you could imagine.
How do I cut that? 
When you pick your order up, we will provide you with the best advice on cutting your edible work of art.  Most cakes look intimidating to cut, but it really is an easier than it looks.  You just have to get the nerve to make the first cut.  For multilevel tiers, we will provide you with a cutting chart at your request to help.
What should I expect when I pick my cake or order up? 
We DO NOT freeze any cake, cupcake, or other product we make.  We DO refrigerate our products to ensure freshness and preservation. 
When picking up your cake,  it will most likely still be chilled.  We use REAL butter, REAL eggs, REAL cream, REAL sugar.  Because of this, we need to refrigerate your cake/cupcakes when your order is being transitioned from being completely decorated to being picked up or delivered.  As a result of your cake/cupcakes being refrigerated, our buttercream solidifies just like REAL butter does when it is cold.  It is important to let your cake "warm" up, just like you would real butter before you use it.  If you make us aware of an approximate serving time of your order, we will start the "warm up" process prior to you picking your order up.  This will allow for your cake/cupcakes to be ready for serving a perfect slice to your guests. 
 When transporting your cake, you should have a FLAT surface to set your cake on OR someone should be with you to hold in on their lap in your vehicle during transportation.  It is also important to hold OR carry your cake as level as possible. 
If your baked goods are picked up:
We do not guarantee, refund, reimburse, credit or replace ANY cake once it leaves the building. 
What are your return/cancellation policies?  
All deposits &/or payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. No cash refunds are given for cancellations. ANY credits issued, are at the sole discretion of It'z My Party Cakery. If you cancel or reschedule your order NO LESS THAN two (2) weeks from the order due date, a full credit will remain open on account for a future order. 
It'z My Party Cakery, any or all persons associated with It'z My Party Cakery, shall be held harmless for any act of Mother nature, natural or un-natural, and/or any emergency, natural or un-natural that may happen before, during or after your order is placed and if by way your order cannot be completed on the scheduled date and time. If your order cannot be completed by way of any emergency, or act of mother nature, natural or un-natural, a full refund will be issued within 7 business days of the due date of your order.
What refund policy do you offer?
All sales are final, however, we take all complaints seriously.  In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your order, you must contact us within 24 hours of either picking up or delivery, so we may attempt to correct any error with your order.  
In addition, the uneaten portion of cake must be brought back to our store within 24 hours and during our normal business hours.  Any refunds are decided on a case by case basis.  We do not give refunds based on personal interpretation of flavor or texture of cake or finished design elements.    
How long does it take for my cake/cupcakes to "warm up"?  
Our 30 serving tiered cakes take approximately 2-4 hours to "warm up" for cutting and serving. The cupcakes usually take 30 min. to an hour.  The time range varies depending on the room size, temperature of room,  air temperature, size and shape of cake, etc.  There is really no "actual" time that can be determined.
Do we sell wholesale?  
Yes, we do sell our products wholesale. You must have an existing business to qualify for wholesale pricing. If you would like to set up a wholesale account, please contact our customer service manager at 414-257-9777.  Please be ready to provide us with your business information.