Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Do I order A Cake?
  • How Far In Advance Should I Order?
  • How Much Do Your Cakes Cost?
  • What Are Your Payment Options and policies?
  • What Is Your Liability Policy?
  • Do You Offer Consultations?  How Do I Schedule?
  • Can I Order A Cake That I Like From Your Website?
  • What Is Fondant?
  • Do We Ship?
  • What Is A Serving Size Of Cake?
  • Can I Have More Than One Flavor?
  • Why Are Your Cakes SO Expensive?
  • Do You Deliver?
  • Can We Deliver To Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Or Other Venues?
  • How The Heck Do I Cut That?
  • What If I Don't See A Design Or Theme On Your Website?
  • Is My Cake Frozen?
  • Do You Offer Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Allergen Free, Or Kosher?
  • Do I Have To Have Fondant On My Cake?
  • What Are Your Store Hours and Where Are You Located?

How Do I Order A Cake?  The easiest way is to start the cake ordering process is to fill out our "Request A Quote" form found here.  Please fill out each field as thoroughly as possible, providing as much detail as you can, so we have as much information to process your request.

We will then contact you to discuss your order and schedule a consultation if needed.

You are also welcome to either call or stop in at your convenience during normal business hours.  Please note, Saturdays and most Sundays are our busiest days, we may not be able to spend as much time detailed time with you, due to our time limitations.  Please call ahead to ensure we can spend quality time with you if you choose to stop in on either of those days.  Please note that all orders are not placed until a deposit is paid.
How Far In Advance Should I Place My Order?

As soon as you know you want to order.  Bookings are on a first come first pay basis.  Because we specialize in custom items, we are limited with the number of orders we can take each week. We encourage wedding cakes be placed at least 2 months in advance, and all other cakes 1- 2 weeks in advance.  Each cake we create is completely custom from start to finish which means we do not have any pre-made custom cakes for sale can cannot complete custom cake orders place day of.

Feel free to contact us even if your request is not within the recommended time frame, as we may still be able to fit your request in.

How much do your cakes cost?  Since all of our cakes are custom designed, and unique to each custom, we do not have set prices.  Our cakes are priced according to the number of servings, added fillings, complexity of design and detail.  Base pricing includes your choice of any cake flavor combination, exterior finish and simple decoration.  We find that most of our custom cake orders range between $7-$10 per serving. 

Major factors that affect the price include cake sculpting, fondant or chocolate decorations, detailed design elements, painting, airbrushing, and other time consuming design elements.

Shaped/sculpted cakes have a minimum sizing of 20 servings, since we need a minimum amount of actual cake to achieve most designs.  (No, we cannot make a car or a dog to feed 5-10 people.  3-D Sculpted cake pricing is largely dependent upon the actual finished shape's, complexity of design details, custom made stands or supports, etc.  Please inquire for specific pricing quotes.

We invite you to contact us so we can work within your budget.

What Are Your Payment Options and payment policies? We accept MC, Visa, Discover Amex and cash.  We do not accept money orders or personal checks.  We can process credit and debit card payments over the phone or in person.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your order.  This payment is due at the time you place your order.  All deposits &/or payments are non-refundable.   No cash refunds are given for cancellations.  If you choose to cancel your contract, for any reason, you agree to forfeit the deposit.  If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, you remain responsible for the entire cost of the cake, and It'z My Party Cakery, Inc shall be entitled to the full amount of its charges for the cake as compensation, and shall not be obligated to refund any amounts paid by you.  ANY credits issued are at the sole discretion of It'z My Party Cakery. 

What Is Your Liability Policy?  Our liability, if any, under any circumstance is limited to the value of the cake only.  We are not responsible for any damage to the cake which may occur after it has been picked up by you, the customer or your liaison, delivered and/or set up by It'z My Party Cakery Inc.  We will provide a cake which meets all food sanitation requirements and that can be displayed for up to 6 hours in a 72*F environment.  This includes any of our standard cake and filling flavors.  Cakes that are filled with items such as (but are not limited to) fruit, custard, or other fillings prone to spoilage should be displayed for a max of 2 hours after it has completely come to room temperature.  It is our client's responsibility to communicate the window of safe food dandling time to their banquet hall or caterer.  The customer assumes all liability for cakes displayed outdoors or in an out door tent/environment.  A cake displayed in any non air conditioned space (more than 72*F) is never advised, and becomes the sole responsibility of the client. 

Our cake shop is not an allergen[free environment.  Allergens that we use on a daily basis include but are not limited to nuts, flour (gluten), strawberries, chocolate, dairy, food dyes, and several other known allergens.  A list of allergens can be requested.  It'z My Party Cakery Inc. will take every precaution that is within our control to eliminate contamination.  We cannot guarantee that even with the highest degree of care on our part, that allergens will not be present in any of our products.  Inedible items on the cake, such as wooden dowels, plastic dowels within structures, figurines, or wires in gum paste or wafer paper flowers that are not removed before serving are not our responsibility.  Likewise, items placed onto the cake by any other person or vendor is not our responsibility.  It'z My Party Cakery Inc. is not liable for any illness, injury or other damage resulting from inedible items or flowers. 

The word "cake" is is our term used to describe our other closely related baked products, such as cupcakes, etc.

Do We Offer Consultations?  How Do I Schedule?
Yes, we do offer consultations!  We offer consultations that can be combined with cake tastings.  Our tastings allow you to choose 3 cake flavor combinations.  You can mix and match from our flavor profile options.  Each and every cake tasting sample is baked fresh just for you, therefore, all cake tastings must be pre-ordered at least 48 hours in advance, and pre-payment of $15 is required.  Consultations typically last up to 60 minutes (1 hour).  We ask that you come prepared to the consultation by bringing inspiration pictures, preferred colors, and any pertinent information with you.

You can also order additional flavors a la carte at $5 /ea.

Can I Order A Cake I Like From Your Website? We love that you like what you see on our website!  We pride ourselves on creating unique, show stopping, one of a kind creations.  If you like a cake on our website, let's work together to tweak the design so it becomes your unique one of a kind show stopper!  We can change colors, patterns and design elements to transform your cake into something unique, just for you!

What Is Fondant?  Fondant...pronounced FON-dant (emphasis on the first syllable) is a sugar dough that is made up of powder sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and other stabilizers.  We still have a full layer of buttercream on every cake prior to applying a thin layer of our home-made fondant.

We LOVE it...as cake artists, it provides a great canvas for our detailed work.  In addition to providing a clean porcelain finish to your cake, it also helps in sealing the cake to keep in the moisture, and adds strength to each tier, making it easier to handle and transport.

We use very high quality ingredients in our vanilla and chocolate fondants which have great neutral flavors, but if you or your guests wish not to eat it, fondant is easily removed from your cake slice.  We promise it will be better than that play-doh tasting stuff you've had before!

Do We Ship?  We do not ship our cakes or cupcakes, but we can ship our delicious made to order, cake pops, cookies, krispie treats, brownies, and bars!  Our cake pops, cookies and krispie treats can be customized!  Please contact us or stop in for more details on how we can customize those items.

What Is A Serving Size Of Cake?  The standard serving size of wedding cake is approx. 1"x2".  Our servings are slightly larger for the occasional inexperienced cake cutter.  Every bakery will vary slightly on the number of servings you get from each cake.  We will  happily provide you with a cutting guide to help you get the most from your cake servings.  When in doubt, order one size larger.  Left over cake is never a bad thing!

Can I Have More Than One Flavor?  Yes and No!  Yes, if your cake order has more than one (1) tier, you can have multiple flavor options.  Each cake tier can have it's very own flavor profiles.   If you are ordering a sculpted cake, then no, unfortunately you cannot have more than one flavor profile.  In addition, based on your design, we may not be able to allow fillings.  Sorry about that!

Why Are Your Cakes SO Expensive?  Have you ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for"?  When it comes to the world of custom cakes, it is especially true.  Sure, there are other bakeries that say they can do the same design for less, BUT is it really going to look the way you want?  Will it taste as good as it looks?  We take pride in providing you with the highest quality, both inside and out!   There is so much more to designing a cake than most people  realize.

Before we even start your cake, we have to start planning.  You can't build a house without a plan, right?  We can literally spend hours researching themes we are unfamiliar with, and coming up with a cohesive design based on the decorative elements you want on your cake.  We want to ensure that your cake is a beautiful work of art and not a cake with a bunch of stuff thrown on it.

Once you factor in the planning, baking, and then finally putting it together, we can on average spend about 3 hours, but most often upwards of 8 hours, just on one cake.   There have even been instances where it has taken a full week to complete a cake compilation. That's insane!  We don't mass produce cakes, and we certainly aren't a factory.  It is our job to pay attention to even the smallest of details that usually go unnoticed by many. 

Do You Deliver?  Yes, we do deliver. Delivery charges range from $35-$75 and are subject to availability and pricing can change at any time.  Deliveries must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.

While it is usually not a problem for our clients to pick up most cakes from our cakery, transporting your cake by yourself or a liaison is at your own risk.  Most cakes can travel well for even up to several hours without any problem, however, we do not recommend that clients self transport a large 3D/sculpted cake, stacked cake over 3 tiers, or travel with any cake without proper planning for more than 3 hours.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client transported cake once it has left our cakery.

Can We Delivery To Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Or Other Venues?  Yes, however, most places have different policies for receiving "out-sourced" food items.  Simply call and ask the facility if they accept outside cakes or other desserts from a state licensed bakery.  Please be aware that some venues charge a cake cutting fee.  Sorry, but there is nothing we can do about that.

How The Heck Do I Cut That? Most cakes look intimidating to cut, but it really is easier than it looks.  You just have to get the nerve to make the first cut. When you pick your order up, we will provide you with the best advice on cutting your 3/D sculpted work of art.   For single or  stacked tiers, we will provide you with a cutting chart at your request to help.

What If I Don't See A Design Or Theme On Your Website? Don't give it a second thought!  Even if you don't see a design or themed cake on our site, we are a very talented team of artists, and can do most designs that you are interested in.  We love challenges and assure you that your design will be better than you could even imagine.

Is My Cake Frozen?  NOPE - NEVER!  We DO NOT freeze any cake, or for that matter, cupcakes either.  Unlike most other bakeries who bake weeks or even months in advance (yuk), we bake, ice and decorate everything fresh to order.

Yes, we DO refrigerate our cakes.  Why, you might ask?  Well, there are several reasons why.  First and foremost, we use REAL butter, REAL eggs, REAL cream, and REAL sugar.  In order to work with your cake designs, we need to have a firm solid surface to work on.  To make that happen, we place your cake in the refrigerator so that the buttercream (frosting) solidifies like a stick of REAL butter does when it is put into the refrigerator.   In addition, when transporting your cake, it keeps things in place so you get to where you are going safely with minimal issues.  (Imagine a completely warm room temperature stacked cake.  With every bump and every turn, you cake has an opportunity to move about, shifting and sliding all over the place.  Not so much with a chilled cake!)

So, you have arrived at your destination, and your cake is exactly like it was when you picked it up at the cakery.  Now it is time to put it in place and allow it to warm up.  This step is very important, because you want to enjoy all of the delicious flavor profiles you meticulously picked out, right?  Warm up times vary depending upon the size of the cake, the time of year it is, if you are having your event indoors or out, air conditioned or not, etc.  We recommend up to a minimum of 2 hours warm up time before enjoying your slice of heave.  If you make us aware of an approximate serving time of your order, we can start the "warm up" process prior to you picking your order up.  As long as your cake is still somewhat chilled, it should still travel well.

Do You Offer Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Allergen Free, Or Kosher?  We are sorry, but the only Gluten Free product we offer is custom cookies.  We cannot accommodate any other dietary restrictions at this time.

What Are Your Store Hours and Where Are You Located?  We are closed for business EVERY TUESDAY.  We are also closed for most holidays, however, we sometimes have special hours.  If you are unsure whether we are open for business, it is best to call ahead.  414-257-9777

Mon, Wed, Thurs, & Fri.  10a - 5p

Sat.  10a - 4p

Sun. 9a - 2 p

We are located on the northwest corner on 53rd & Bluemound Rd. in Milwaukee.  Our formal address is:  5300 W Bluemound Rd. Milwaukee, WI  53208

Our Party rooms are located right next door:  5310 W. Bluemound Rd.

We have a loading zone directly in front of our store, as well as designated parking behind the building in a private parking lot.  Our signs are posted where we have available parking.  In addition, there are two parking spots that have signs indicating the previous business tenant "Found In Tyme".  Feel free to park in those spots as well as long as you are patronizing our business.