Single Tier


We will be continually adding cakes to our galleries

Our Single Tier Cakes are 3 Layers freshly baked just for you.  We frost all of these cakes with our delicious REAL buttercream and finish these cakes by covering them with our freshly made fondant (pronounced FON-dant).

What is fondant?  It is a sugar dough which is comprised of sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and other good stuff.  As cake artists it provides a great canvas for our detailed work… whether weʼre airbrushing, attaching ruffles, creating textures, sculpting figurines, etc.  In addition to providing a clean porcelain finish to your cake, it also helps in sealing the cake to keep in the moisture, and adds strength to your tier, making it easier to handle and transport.  We aren't saying you are going to crave it by the handful, but we promise it will be better than that play-doh tasting stuff youʼve had before!

Please keep in mind, we want to make YOU a cake, not re- make a design that was already made for someone else.  To do this, we can alter the design by adding other details or moving things around a bit.  If you don't see a design that fits what you are looking for, you can submit inspiration pictures and request a quote.

These cakes start at $80    Single tier cakes are only available in 6", 8" or 10" sizes and are most often round or square, however, you can get other shapes upon request.  
Please note:  There is a price increase for square or other shapes.  We do not do cakes in the shape of letters or numbers.

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