Dinosaur RKTreats

Custom RKTreats require special order. Please contact our store during normal business hours for pricing or to place an order. We desire a minimum of 1 full week notice for custom treats, however, you can call us for same week availability.

You may choose up to 3 colors. We do not guarantee exact color matches. We do have other sizes available per request.

Minimum order is one (1) dozen. If you need an in between quantity, you can contact our store for pricing.


Your treats are made fresh to order. You are welcome to place your order weeks in advance—however, your treats will then be made the week of your event

Treats are good for approx. 7-21 days after arrival (Longer if you freeze) Do not refrigerate the treats (this dries them out) To Thaw, leave out on counter top for several hours. Treats may be frozen as packaged for 3-6 months To prevent the colors from fading, we recommend storing the treats away from direct light. Store cookies at room temperature. If you choose to store your treats in the refrigerator or freezer, color bleeding may occur.

ALLERGY INFO: our kitchen is NOT a nut-free facility. We do take great care in NOT cross contaminating while baking.
DISCLAIMER: If you have ANY severe food allergy, PLEASE be aware that our products are made on equipment shared with products made with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, & eggs or other allergens not described.

Our treats are made in a commercially licensed, inspected & insured kitchen


Shipping requests are subject to our availability.

Typical ship times may vary, however most often shipping results in delivery being in a 2-5 day period of time. We cannot be held responsible for any shipping delays or damage to product(s) that may result after the package leave our hands. Shipped packages automatically come with a minimum $50 insurance.

For specific amount treat quotes & delivery times, please be ready to supply us with the Ship to Full Mailing address.

Treats may melt in heat (I require cold packs to ship to the hottest states during warm spring through summer).

We make our treats fresh to order. The designs are done with many different mediums and finishes, such as chocolate, fondant, or royal icing.

These can be individually wrapped or kept unwrapped for your sweets table.

Any color combinations and sizes or themes can be done.

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