Stylized Cakes

Our Stylized Cakes start at $42.99 and have three layers of cake with buttercream (with or without filling) in between the cake layers.  These cakes are NOT covered in fondant and are only finished in buttercream.  The buttercream finish can be smooth, combed, or custom finished. You may also choose the option of a chocolate, caramel or fruit drip on your cake.

This type of cake can be customized but with limitation.  We can add optional fun elements to these cakes such as chocolates, macarons, candies pieces, meringues, picture plaques, specialized toppers and many other fun elements.  We are also able to add fondant elements to these cakes.

These cakes can be formal or very whimsical in appearance.  The choice is yours!

If you choose to have an edible/picture image on your cake, please know that you can upload a picture for us to use.  Please note:  Unless we have a clean professional image to use, we may or may not be able to reproduce a clean/clear printed image for your cake.  You are able to upload an image when you order.  If you do so, we may need to contact you with regards to your photo choice.  Also note:  WE WILL NOT ALLOW GRAPHIC or XXX PHOTOS.  Edible images incur an additional $15 Charge.  Those charges are already added.  Please be sure to choose correctly at checkout.

Please note that the complete design will be left to the artist's discretion.  Our smaller 6" and 8" cakes have a limited area for design.  We may not be able to accommodate a lengthy message or extensive detailed designs on smaller cakes.. 

The cakes shown in the gallery are examples of finished stylized cakes.  Please use these pictures as examples of what we have done.

Need a cake for today? Most often we can accommodate making a stylized cake the same day.   

If you need a stylized cake today,  You MUST call to check our availability.   Please call  414-257-9777  

NOTE:  We require a minimum of 50% down or payment in full at the time of order. 

For WEEKDAY orders, call your order in before  2 pm. 

For WEEKEND orders, call  your order in before 11 am.



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